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About Jeroen

People like you, that's what my life revolves around. People who are actively looking for the next step in their lives. People who set personal development goals and are thus engaged in self-development, self-development and thus personal growth. 

Listening to you, talking to you and helping you with self-development is my personal mission. I want you to get the best out of yourself too. All my life I have been involved with people who are getting bigger. I am greatly inspired by these encounters. I am curious about your story and getting to know you for who you really are. 
You can be with me who you really are, what you really aren't. I want to help you achieve that by showing you where you can develop yourself further. So that you can get the best out of yourself. Both privately and professionally.  I give you tips and you will grow personally!

My Development

I shape my life around the motto that self-development is a central theme. Continuing to develop yourself step by step to become your best self. I have already done a lot of personal development   such as following courses, reading books and studying texts. Thanks to these efforts, I was able to take the next step in my life. I want to take myself to the next level and am always actively looking for ways to achieve personal growth.
Along the way, there have certainly been times when I took too much on my fork. You learn from that. A theme that is and remains difficult for me is 'wanting to do too much'. The people around me know that I promise a lot and want to do a lot, sometimes a little too much. I am aware of that stumbling block. I'm going to work on it. I am getting better and better at finding my way in balancing what fits and what doesn't. I can do that thanks to looking at who I am, and working with myself. In addition, my strength is that I have never been afraid to choose a different path. 

The next level

During my own development I discovered that everything is perception. The truth, it does not exist. What you think is yours and not someone else's. Everyone sees and experiences everything differently. Your thoughts and ideas, also about other people, situations and ideas say something about you. I also want you to discover this. You notice that you are stronger in your shoes and can place certain things better. 
That helps to find your way and to feel good about it. Perception helps to develop yourself and boost your self-confidence. If that's right, you can take on the world. You can follow the path that you want to follow and that is reserved for you. I'm happy to help you with that. 
Self -development

The goal is to let yourself discover how you can develop in the best possible way. You must and can be heard. That's important to me. I help you find the strength to shape a path of self-development for yourself. 

Do you also want to take steps in your self-development? Are you looking for a place to help you describe concrete steps to work on? Do you also want to get more out of life than you do now?  Click here for your journey to the best version of yourself!

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