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Personal leadership

Jeroen van Lierop

Increase your self-confidence, improve your self-reflection, and increase your productivity by developing your personal leadership.

Find out here how to give yourself what you need.

Discover yourself


How do you feel when you wake up in the morning? Do you quickly get up with a smile on your face because you feel like a new day?


Or do you snooze again and again, and do you reluctantly drag yourself out of bed?


 Whatever it is, it is the result of your Personal Leadership! 


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Personal Leadership 

Are you now in a position to really take care of yourself? Do the things you need? The answer to this question has to do with Personal Leadership.  


After all, taking care of yourself is guiding and leading yourself to better results. Personal leadership is the process in which you take the initiative for activities that make a positive contribution to your life.  


It is about working on the five basic streams of your life.

Health, Heart, Soul, Mind and Tribe. Proper maintenance of these five basic flows is of great importance. Discover yourself, increase your self-confidence and build the energy you need to live your life.  


Effective leadership or leadership over the most important person in your life: you! 


My latest E-BOOK

'Meer energie voor jou'

More energy in your life is an important question for many people. More space to take care of yourself, for example or to finally start with different behavior. Do you finally want to pick up sports or do you really want to work on healthy eating.

The basis of this coaching is the e-book More energy for you. This e-book tells you how to use the five basic streams of your life to be effective and energetic.

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Get to know Jeroen


People is the central theme in my life. I have stood next to people at all stages of life. Learned together, laughed and cried together.


I now bundle those life lessons to work on new Personal Leadership. I sincerely believe that you have a more beautiful and better life if you take your own responsibility.


That is why it is my personal mission to help you and many other people.  

Ask yourself:

Do you really know yourself? What is your vision?
Do you know what your values and talents are?

Let's investigate this.



Jeroen would like to meet you. This is how you start your journey to an even better version of yourself.


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The podcast​​


SelfQuest is a podcast for people who are working on self-development and have not yet found the answer, like me. 

Every two weeks an interview with people who are engaged in personal development and self-development based on a personal mission or profession. 

The podcast can be listened to in  The Hub , Spotify and Apple Music.

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