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My Method

The greatest challenges in our lives include personal development and interacting with others. Self-image, self-confidence and self-reflection are important to develop. Working with others is often difficult.


They are often so different from me. They are often impossible to follow for us and react so differently than we expected. 


What if there is a method that will help you discover exactly this. A method that goes beyond the behavior you see and zooms in on the needs you have yourself. A method that provides insight into the behavioral components that drive people. A method that provides insight into your motivation.

Birkman begins by answering 298 questions. On average, people spend a little more than half an hour on this. This will then produce a report that we will discuss together. This report is based on three aspects:

1 - Motivation:

it measures what you are now passionate about, what really warms you up and where you may have an energy leak.

2 - Self - perception:

What do you contribute to our society? What actions do you take that you think will make a difference.

3 - Social - perception:

how do I see the other and with which filter do I look. At Birkman, we translate that into your needs and your potential stress behavior if your needs are not met.

The complex part is that these three aspects are always intertwined. And how they intertwine and what they mean I can look at with you in our meetings. In any case, this method consists of:

1 - Report with all insights.

After completing the 298 questions, different results are obtained. A clear report is the result of the answers you have given. Here you can see the most important things at a glance.

2 report discussions

We have 2 conversations in which we discuss the report. We look at what the different insights mean in your individual situation. In these conversations you formulate some goals to work on.

3 - Follow up conversation after 6 months.

The purpose of this conversation is to see how you have shaped your goals. Where have you been successful. Where are there opportunities to work on further?

The Birkman method is an in-depth psychological method for people who want to continue with self-development. Want to learn to work together differently. And want to get more out of leadership and team development.  


Will you join us on this beautiful journey?

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